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Advanced Software Development

in Microsoft , Java and Internet of things


Cost effective Solutions

For Small and Medium Businesses

About Us

At 19Avenues InfraTech Pvt. Ltd, we provide Advanced Software Management Solutions for Business, Smart Cities, Construction, Transport, Power, Shipping and Automotive industries to take your business to the next level using Microsoft & JAVA technologies.

We're Young and Energetic Professionals

We have a team of experienced, young and energetic professionals with a collective experience to suit all your needs. From Smart Cities to Complex integrated systems we provide tailored technological solutions using Microsoft & Java Technology. Our Value lies in our ability to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business or industry!

Customisable Softwares

Enhance your business efficiency and excellence using software customised to your business and achieve the edge you need in a competitive market. Our Software solutions are customised to the way you run your business. It is important to incorporate the necessary components required to run your business, your way; therefore, we take a comprehensive approach to maximise the results, gains and return on investment.

We're Experienced Professional

Our origins are deep routed in a well established business conglomerate with over 30 years of experience in Construction, Manufacturing, Hotel Services, Electrical, Automotive and Shipping Industries. We understand your business like no one else.