We develop the most innovative IoT Applications.

The proliferation of applications into every aspect of personal and business activities has led to the accelerated growth of Internet of Things (IoT). Solution Analysts has capitalised on the advantages of this world of connected devices, which combines hardware, data analytic's and software. Our expertise lies in creating dynamic and sturdy mobile & enterprise solutions to support the ever changing hardware. At 19 Avenues InfraTech Pvt Ltd, an IoT apps development company in Mangalore, Bangalore, Dubai, we clearly understand the role mobile apps play in connecting the devices to internet. Our team is passionate & focused on delivering Mobile Enabled Internet of Things Solutions for mid to large size enterprises. We have dedicated resources and time to understand the technology behind cloud computing using cloud-based open technology. Our team has now perfected the measures for building standard cloud-based solutions for our clients, enabling them to enjoy the immense advantages presented by cloud computing for business growth and development. 19 Avenues Pvt Ltd is also an incubatee at iot dream, Sponsored by dept. of Science and Tech.

Our IoT Development Steps:

We follow a unique and workable IoT development process that helps us to reach your needs, and build applications that suit your purpose.


 Everything begins with an idea. If our idea is strong, it will be developed into an IoT application. At this stage, we make the roadmap for the application development. This is where we gather requirements, understand your goals, and take feedback from your customers.


Once the idea is finalised, and roadmap has been prepared, we take the next step i.e. prototyping. We build prototypes for your IoT application to give you an idea of how it will look, and what will be connected where.


Once the prototype has been defined, we start building the architecture at the micro level. We detail out the end-to-end solution and converge them with cloud, mobile, and analytics for the best results.

Design & Development:

Once the architecture and the micro level connections have been defined, we start with the actual design process. We start coding the applications and developing the software.


Nothing is complete if it has not been tested properly. We use the agile methodology to ensure development and testing of sprints. We ensure completely tested applications for your enterprise.


We keep the applications under scrutiny, and keep monitoring and evaluating them, in order to make advancements and improvements as needed.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements of developing Internet of Things devices and wearable at attractive prices and short timelines.