Crew Management Software

  • Manager your recruitment process by easy Importing CV’s.
  • Completely avoid the data entry of CV details and get down to recruitment
  • Search Database for persons based on Rank, Experience, Ship type, Department , Vessel type.
  • Maintain crew list on vessels with sign on and sign off date.
  • Plan back up crew and work flow of persons joining with ease.
  • Manage certification, Visas, Flag and national certificates with automatic reminders for renewals.
  • Manage Medical certificates and vaccinations.
  • Manage Sea time letters, Automatic upload of sea time to DG Shipping, Generate letters for DC, GMDSS and other applications.
  • Manage expenses related to Company sponsored coursers, inMail for employees.

Document Management System

  • Automatic update of forms and check lists on all fleet vessels.
  • Any changes of forms or check lists in Company database reflects fleet wide.
  • No hassles of old forms or check lists being used.
  • Be informed if any ship is using an old form.
  • E-SMS manual, With automatic update of SMS manual revisions fleet wide.
  • E- Log books, E-Forms and E-Check lists.

Online Course Booking for
Maritime Institutes and Marine Institute Management Software

Online Course Booking
  • Online course booking interface enables marine institutes to Add courses, Course dates and Students per batch.
  • Integrates with easy, safe and convenient payment modes.
  • Easy and fast setup of the entire Software.
  • Help Line available for queries and tracking issues.
  • Integrated to our Marine Institute Management Software.
Marine Institute Management Software
  • Manage your marine institute right from Online & Offline Course booking to Final printing of certificates.
  • Manage Student registrations.
  • Manage receipt generation.
  • Manage Printing of certificates.
  • Manage attendance and print attendance sheets.
  • Manage billing and accounting for the office.
  • Have a Data base of all students & courses.
  • Automatic upload of certificate and course details to DG Shipping.

Planned Maintenance System

  • Planned maintenance system for entire fleet.
  • Supply, Order, Delivery and consumption of spares.
  • Plan and keep track of various jobs and surveys, across the Deck & Engine Dept.
  • Manage Risk assessment, Daily work plans and Work done reports.
  • Manage equipment planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Manage tank inspections.
  • Track maintenance by maintaining a database of work progress.

Marine Agency Management Software

  • Manage Shipping agency day to day operations.
  • Keep track of vessel ETA’s. & Updates.
  • Keep track of Customs, Immigration, Warehouse Clearance.
  • Keep track of Disbursements & Accounts.
  • Manage documentation with ease.
  • Keep all parties informed of berth meetings.
  • Track bunkers, Stores, Provision supply.
  • Contact list of vessel, Owners, Operators and Manning dept.
  • Track billing and payments.
  • Online payment gateway integration.
  • Track CTM payments , Berth fees, Warehouse charges, Customs charges, Stevedore charges.
  • Maintain document database accessible to Owners, Charterers.
  • Generate Invoices and follow payments.
  • Manage customer relationship management.
  • Generate time sheets.
  • Global agents can keep track of sub agents and manage global operations.

Software for Ship yards

  • Project management software.
  • Keep track of building projects.
  • Drydocks schedule planning.
  • Keep track of Spares and Inventory.
  • Work planning, work progress, work permits, Delay notifications.
  • Manage various department, Painting, Shipwright, Carpenter, Steel, Plumbing.
  • Manage income/ expense reports and data analysis.
  • Lodicator Software for Shipyards.
  • Co-ordinate with class inspectors through mobile apps to notify inspection times and pending inspections.
  • Keep track of class inspection progress.
  • All persons informed of daily work meeting.
  • Keep company supt., Owners, Master informed of progress and have more accurate Re-Floating dates.

Vessel Performance Monitoring Systems

  • Automate vessel reporting for Arrival, Departure, Noon, Awaiting orders, Deviation reports.
  • Monitor vessel performance, weather, fuel, speed and automate alerts.
  • Monitor C/P due dates, C/P performance warranties.
  • Time sheets, Port log, Delays reporting.
  • Fleet wise performance vs consumption vs Income/Expense.
  • Data analytics.

Flag State & Classification Societies Management Software

  • Manage various vessel surveys with auto update of Survey Status and printing of Certificates.
  • Automatic generation of Inspection check lists for Surveyors, inspectors to update.
  • Track vessel status though automated reporting for Change of Master.
  • PSC Detentions.
  • Brake downs and Emergencies.
  • Security Alerts.
  • Reminders to Owners for Upcoming inspections.
  • Manage E- Marine Notices, E-Log books ( Deck log book, Oil Record Book Part 1/2, Engine log book, Refrigeration log).
  • Manage list of approved testing agencies for lifesaving and firefighting equipment.
  • Automate request of inspection by owners with availability of surveyors.
  • Keep track of rest hour deviations reports.
  • Cash Management, Collections & Billing.
  • Cost Analysis & Profitability.
  • Ship registration.
  • Ships inspections/surveys shipbuilding supervision.

Certificate management Software

  • Manage company certificates with expiry notifications.
  • Manage fleet wide vessel certificates database with notifications.
  • Alerts for class inspections.
  • Automated Q88 database maintainence.
  • Automated VPQ database maintenance.
  • Class survey status database.
  • Manage crew certificates.
  • Manage expiry dates for various equipment, Annual surveys, class and flag inspections.